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Organizations that are negotiators (employers, employers` organizations and trade unions) for a proposed enterprise agreement must disclose certain financial benefits that they (or certain related parties) may obtain (or could obtain) because of the length of the proposed agreement. 2.21 At his hearing in Sydney, a “report card” coordinator, Professor Bradon Ellem, told the Committee that the shrinking of bonuses and the promotion of individual contracts had strengthened management`s prerogatives – management`s right to unilaterally set workers` wages, working time, obligations and conditions of employment. This is a view that is supported by a series of studies. [54] Individual contract workers have an inherently weaker bargaining position and, by its very nature, a weaker power than workers under collective agreements. This is one of the biggest differences between collective agreements and collective agreements. [55] Fair Work Australia established the negotiations in good faith as follows: For more information on transitional instruments based on agreements, including the modification and termination of these agreements, see 2.36 The effects of labour relations changes introduced in New Zealand were rapidly felt in Australia. Within six weeks of their election in 1992, the Kennett government passed an Employment Relations Act in Victoria that effectively abolished bonuses for many workers and replaced them with individual contracts. Similarly, the Court government introduced individual employment contracts (IWA) registered under the Workplace Agreements Act of 1993 in Western Australia.

The proposal by the Western Australian government indicates that, under a system of “minimalist employment contracts,” many government workers might think that implementing individual agreements would eliminate the influence of rewards and unions and automatically increase their success. [75] The published data show that the total average weekly wage of employees working under Australian Employment Contracts (AWAAs) remains significantly higher than that of workers covered either by a bonus or by a certified agreement (CA). 2.38 THE 2002 ACIRRT report, which was prepared for the Commissioner for Employment Contracts, compared the employment conditions of 200 IU in four industrial sectors with the corresponding government distinction.