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On Thursday, February 21, U.S. and Chinese negotiators resume trade talks in Washington. The next day, Friday, February 22, Trump met With Liu He in front of the media and expressed optimism about a trade deal. On Sunday, Mr. Trump announced, citing progress in trade negotiations, that he would extend the March 1 ceasefire deadline. Mr. Trump does not give a specific date for a new deadline, but he hopes Xi will travel to Trump`s Mar-a-lago station in Florida in March to reach a trade deal. While updates on the trade war have informed investors of much of the past two years, the official signing of the agreement has been greeted with a shrug. The S-P 500 increased by about 0.2%. An indicator for semiconductor companies, which were particularly sensitive to the trade war, fell by more than 1 percent.

The suspension of the mutual tax treaty means that Hong Kong-registered shipping companies that receive U.S. transportation revenues may be subject to U.S. taxes on their gross revenues. Markets believe this will increase trade costs and create uncertainty and concern in Hong Kong`s trade and logistics industry. “In the pursuit of this extraordinarily weak trade deal, to which China is not even up to the task, Donald Trump has been maneuvered by Xi Jinping on every street corner,” said Andrew Bates, spokesman for the election campaign. “This is the most atrocious trade deal in American history.” According to the sources of information, the United States is disappointed with the decision and a U.S. official responded that the Court of Arbitration “exaggerates the level of impact on China” and that the WTO approach “has no basis in the economic analysis”.” “The United States will begin on September 1st to put an extra 10 percent extra inch on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese goods and products in our country,” Trump said in a tweet. The surprise tariff announcement comes after the United States and China only ended trade talks in Shanghai the day before. After the meeting, the White House called the talks “constructive,” adding that China had confirmed its commitment to increase purchases of U.S. agricultural exports.

In January, the United States and China signed an agreement to end their 22-month trade war, in which the two countries…