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XMind 8 Pro, Mapping Software Premium Lifetime License for PC or Mac users The following table lists pieces of proprietary commercial software that allow the creation of mental and conceptual maps. NG LOGIC grants the taker a non-exclusive, non-transferable license from NG LOGIC. In the case of an evaluation license, the software can only be used for evaluation purposes. In the case of an evaluation licence, each NG LOGIC program can only be used by the licensee for the purpose of assessing the adequacy of the program to the applications proposed by the licensee. In order to avoid any doubt, all expenses generated from an NG LOGIC program, including templates, input files, images including screenshots, should not be used for commercial or research purposes, publications or presentations without the explicit written consent of NG LOGIC. All files provided by NG LOGIC and all editions generated from these files remain the property of NG LOGIC and should not be used for purposes other than internal analysis. The .xmind file format for implementing XMind filing cabinets consists of a compressed zip archive containing an XML document for content, an XML document for format styles, an image file .png for thumbnails, and some directories for installations. The file format is open and is based on certain OpenDocument principles. a. NG LOGIC has the right to terminate this software license agreement and the licensee`s evaluation license under an NG LOGIC program, without any other obligation or liability to the licensee.

NG LOGIC reserves the right to change its prices, including royalties, without notice. Unless previously reported, as provided for in Section 12 (Termination), the licence of a regularly granted NG LOGIC program is continued until the end of the initial licence period, which is indicated in a licence supplement. If no licence period is indicated in a license down payment, the license expires thirty (30) days after receiving the license key, on that date the licensee must return or delete all copies of this NG LOGIC program. If the licence period is longer than 50 years, the licence is not terminated at any time. Assistance for the duration of the licence is provided at NG LOGIC`s sole discretion and may be linked to the payment of additional fees. c. At the end of the software license agreement for an NG LOGIC program, the licensee and all other rights granted to the licensee with respect to this NG LOGIC program are immediately terminated and the licensee immediately refers this NG LOGIC program to NG LOGIC, including all documentation, manuals and copies relating to this NG LOGIC program; (ii) delete all copies of this NG LOGIC program and all parts of any media and storage device on which the licensee has placed or authorized this NG LOGIC program; and (iii) NG LOGIC, upon request, certifies in writing that the taker fulfils its obligations under this paragraph 12, point c). LICENCE COMPLEMENT: a complement to this software license agreement, which indicates each designated entity and any NG LOGIC program that must be authorized for use in that specific entity, including the designated user, the type of license (assessment or any commercial type), royalties and the duration of the licenses.